Mares’ latest mission is to have his own voice be heard. These days, the blues are merely a template for creative fusions, overlaid by intricate melodies. He blends his versatile showmanship and improvisational prowess with punchy pop sensibilities.”

— Sound Waves


Ty mares

Originally from Denver, Colo., Mares was raised in a military family, and attributes his worldliness, adaptability and work ethic to the constant traveling he did growing up.

As an original artist, Mares fuses every genre from R&B to pop, traversing a vast array of rock ’n’ roll all wrapped up in the improvisational realm of psychedelia.

A sophisticated guitarist, Mares is known for his illustrative blues solos, characterized by colorful chord progressions.

Mares’ major influences growing up included John Mayer, Coldplay and the 1975. B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jerry Garcia would later become massive inspirations for him.

From the age of 13, Mares has studied under principal pianists and jazz guitarists before spending some time studying at Berklee College of Music. No amount of study, however, compares to the time he has spent improvising on stage with the Cosmic Jerry Band, a jam staple on the Jersey Shore.

Still in the bright beginning of his career, Mares has shared the stage with members of Dark Star Orchestra, the Fugees, Dogs in a Pile and many other renowned artists.

Ty Mares and the Metaphorical (featuring Matt Hillblom on bass, Greg Warren on guitar, Christian Seaman and/or Tommy Allen Jr. on percussion/vocals) redefines pop music, bringing it front and center into the arena of jam, inviting every kind of listener to embark on a sonic journey.